Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. When can my child start class?

Your child can start class at any time! Our fall schedule runs from the end of August to the end of May and coincides with the school year. Our summer schedule starts in June and runs for 10 weeks.

2. What class should my child start in?

If your child has never taken gymnastics, it is likely that s/he would start in a beginner class. However, if they have taken before or seem to have a natural bent toward gymnastics we do offer free evaluations to determine your child’s level.

3. What should my child wear?

Girls Gymnastics: a TEG leotard is required and it can be purchased here at TEG, hair pulled up neatly, and no jewelry. 

Boys Gymnastics: a TEG T-shirt and shorts is required and can be purchased here at TEG.
Cheer Tumbling: Proper sports attire - leotard or gym shorts with no buttons, zippers or buckles and a fitted tucked in tee shirt, hair pulled up neatly, and no jewelry. Gym shoes that are not worn outside are optional for those in a tumbling class.

4. How will I know if my child is ready to move to a different gymnastic class?

Our gymnastic classes are set up on a level system:
Beginner: Level 1
Intermediate: Level 2 & 3
Advanced: Level 4,5 & 6
Every 5-6 weeks, we offer a FREE Level Testing for our students. When your child passes all the skills required for a level they will be moved to the next level.

5. Can my child take more than 1 gymnastic class?

Yes they can! You may sign up for as many classes as you would like.

6. Can we change classes?

If at any time your class time becomes inconvenient, you may always change to a different class day or time depending on availability.

7. Can boys do cheer tumble?

Yes, boys can participate in cheer/ tumble classes.

8. How long are the classes?

All classes are 1 hour except for Advanced Gymnastics which is 1 ½ hours.

9. How do I pay my bill?

Our tuitions are set up on an auto draft that can be done through your bank or with a credit card.  All drafts are processed on the 5th of each month.