Boy's Gymnastics

The BOY'S GYMNASTICS PROGRAM at Texas East Gymnastics is a recreational program which emphasizes strength, flexibility, and balance. We feature the six men's Olympic events: vault, parallel bars, pommel horse, still rings, floor exercise, and high bar plus trampoline and related activities. Gymnastics helps to build confidence and self-discipline by exposing its participants to challenges that can be handled successfully.

Training in the basic gymnastic skills is very important for the development of all physical activity as well as minor motor skills and mental abilities. Gymnastics is in fact the basis of every sport! The development of strength, flexibility, physical awareness and coordination are the building blocks of an active life-style. We are constantly striving to provide an environment where each child will feel challenged, but never threatened by the activities or sequence in which they are presented. Each gymnast will gain a feeling of individual accomplishment from his experience. Gymnastics is a sport which lends itself to every level of ability.

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