Gym Notes

Texas East Gymnastics Preschool Program

Welcome to the Texas East Gymnastics Jungle Gym! Our Jungle Gym is specially designed for children ages 2-4, and helps provide your child a fun and successful experience. During these hour-long classes, our knowledgeable and friendly coaching staff will instruct your child in vault, bars, beam, floor, and motor skill development. Themes are often incorporated into our activities, keeping each class unique and exciting. By safely moving through developmentally appropriate progressions, your child will acquire basic gymnastics skills and techniques. 

Our supportive coaching staff, and child-friendly facility help to promote an environment of positivity. Yet, gymnastics is only one aspect of what our Jungle Gym offers. While participating in classes, your child will develop their mind, social-emotional skills, and character traits that will put them on the path to achievement for life. Our goal at Texas East Gymnastics is to instill a sense of self-worth, confidence, and motivation in every child who enters our Jungle Gym. With each turn, our students develop courage, problem-solving, the ability to follow directions, listening skills, and the grit to take on challenges. They grow in their self-confidence, discipline, social skills, knowledge of handling their emotions, and the desire to be their best self. In addition, research shows that as gross motor skills are developed, so are the brain connections necessary for higher learning. (

With all of these benefits, how could anyone not love the sport of gymnastics? At Texas East Gymnastics, we take great pride in the role we play in a child’s life, and strive to provide the greatest foundation for their success.

Texas East Gymnastics presents
Kinder Prep Academy

It is every parent’s hope for his or her child to succeed and thrive in their school careers, while every child dreams of jumping, climbing, and flipping. Fortunately, Kinder Prep Academy combines both of these desires! Kinder Prep Academy is an extension our hourly Jungle Gym classes and enhanced by adding an academic component. This innovative and unique program will offer all the gymnastics instruction of our regular preschool classes, while additionally providing a time for your child to learn kindergarten-readiness skills in reading, math, and science using research based methods. ( )

What makes this program so distinctive is that students will practice the academic skills they learn in fun, movement filled ways! Research proves that the brain needs physical and motor development, such as the movements used in gymnastics, in order to build the brain connections necessary for higher learning. By combining the learning of letters, number sense, and phonological awareness with skills that incorporate bilateral movements, crossing the midline, balance, and visual processing, we believe that your child will learn concepts deeply and at an accelerated rate. (

Our program director has combined 23 years of gymnastics coaching and classroom teaching, with her overall love of children to produce a program that will help every child develop self-confidence, self-motivation, and a love of learning. Kindergarten, here we come!

Xcel Team Program at Texas East Gymnastics

Why join the Xcel team at Texas East? It’s fun! Xcel brings competitive gymnastics to gymnasts in our class program that embraces all skill levels – beginner through advanced. It is a personalized competitive program starting at the first entry division.

The emphasis is on execution, not difficulty, giving the gymnast the ability to perform the skills she does best. Even a brand new beginner Bronze could have her own personal Floor routine! What could be more fun and special?! By personalizing routines and skill choices, athletes may require fewer workout hours and will remain competitive. With a less demanding workout schedule, a gymnast may have time for other activities and will not have to make that “all or nothing” decision between activities.

If your child has to take a break for the Summer session and still wants to compete, Xcel is the Team for you. So many students want to experience competing on a team and were for one reason or another, unable to make the time or financial commitment.

Xcel at Texas East Gymnastics is our Recreational Team Program and is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.

Xcel is a great program for gymnasts that:
• Are a variety of levels, abilities, ages and commitment levels and want to enjoy all the benefits that gymnastics has to offer while having more flexibility than the Junior Olympic program.
• Have a passion for gymnastics and want to stay involved in the sport for the long term, while not striving for the goal of being a Level 10 or elite gymnast.
• Cannot be in the gym the number of hours that the Junior Olympic program requires because of other activities or sports but still want to be a competitive or non-competitive gymnast.
• Have fears of skills that the Junior Olympic and Compulsory programs require them to have. In Xcel, requirements are more flexible.

If you are interested in competing in the Xcel program, you can call our office at (903) 509-3547.