Level Testing  

Our class level testing program exists to let each student learn the sport of gymnastic in a safe, child-oriented way allowing all of our students to learn skills at their own pace and to reach their potential in gymnastics, this is done with no charge to the gymnast.

Approximately every six weeks on a Saturday the students have the opportunity to come to the gym and show our coaches how well they learned the skills in their level. If a child passes each skill she will be awarded a ribbon and start working on the next levels' skill set. If skills are not mastered, the student, parents and coach know what skills to work extra hard on and can try at the next level testing to pass these skills and move to the next level.

Of course all the students who participate in the level testing will receive a participation ribbon for their hard work!

Dates for Level Testing
Dec. 10th
Feb. 11th
April 1st
May 13th